Results 2015/2016


Beginerers League

Beginners League………The end of season final of the Beginners League was played last week with many members from the Virtual Club and Newcomers taking part. The winners were Scott Duffy and his team, narrowly beating David McColl’s team by one shot. Marion Murdoch presented the George Hood trophy and other prizes before congratulating everyone on their standard of play throughout the season.
Back L to R Ben Crosbie, Judith Roberts, Sarah Duffy, David Wilson, Yvonne Kerr, Pam Maxon and Marion Murdoch.
Front L to R Scott Duffy, Jake Hathaway and Les Goodwin


Lockerbie Young Curlers

LOCKERBIE YOUNG CURLERS recently held their presentation of prizes at the close of the season.
Marion Murdoch, Development Officer congratulated them all on their numerous successes throughout the season before presenting the Junior Curlers Trophy to Hannah Beattie and her team and the Liz Smith Trophy to Ryan McCormack and his team.
Congratulations also to Angus Naysmith who has been chosen to represent Scotland at the Trillium Camp, Canada in August for the Matt Murdoch Curling Foundation.
Standing: L to R Ben Crosbie, Angus Naysmith, Fraser Henry, Jake Hathaway and Robbie McCormack.
Seated: L to R Hannah Beattie, Marion Murdoch and Ryan McCormack.


Wee Craigielands

The competition for the inter parish wee Craigielands Cup was held recently at Lockerbie Ice Rink. Two teams from each club, Craigielands, Dryfesdale, Applegarth and Lochmaben competed against each other in a much enjoyed evening of curling and camaraderie. Craigielands were the winners with teams skipped by Christine Stewart and Martin O’Hare
L to R: Dave Wilson, Kate Warters, Sue Rogers, Christine Stewart, Martin O’Hare, Janie Riddett, Helen Hally and Elinor Lewis-Smith.


Points Winner

POINTS………..the winner of the recent Points competition final was Sandy Stevenson shown here receiving his prize from Margaret Taylor


Awards Night

AWARDS NIGHT………………..the annual presentation of awards was held recently at Lockerbie Ice Rink. Christine Gibson presented the prizes and awards to the winners of the following categories:

Best Male Curler : Joint Winners:- Jamie Strawhorn, John Smith and Dave Stewart
Best Female Curler : Joint Winners:- Eileen Broatch & Christine Ross
Best Junior Male Curler: Jake Beattie
Best Junior Female Curler : Erin Davidson
Best Newcomer : Pam Maxon
Sportsmanship Award : Joint Winners:- Colin & Sue Wilkinson
Winning Club/Swiss Decanter : Waterbeck

Back L to R Pam Maxon, John Smith, Dave Stewart, Jamie Strawhorn, Jake Beattie, Colin Wilkinson and Erin Davidson
Front L to R Eileen Broatch, Christine Gibson and Sue Wilkinson


League Winners

LEAGUE WINNERS…………………the Ice Rink League competition played throughout the season at Lockerbie Ice Rink was won by Ryan McCormack’s team of Jamie Strawhorn, Russell Smith and Angus Naysmith.
L to R Jamie Strawhorn, Angus Naysmith, Ryan McCormack and Russell Smith



SINGLES WINNERS…………………the end of season Singles competition was played last Thursday evening at Lockerbie Ice Rink with the winner being 1st David Owen, 2nd Claire Sloan, 3rd Les Goodwin, and 4th Gareth Owen.
Standing: Gareth Owen and Les Goodwin
Seated: David Owen and Claire Sloan


Stick Pairs

STICK CURLING………………………..Mary Bell & Barry McWilliam were the winners in the final of the Stick Pairs competition held last Wednesday at Lockerbie Ice Rink. The runners up were Norman Imrie and Keith Thorn.
The competition sponsors, Mr & Mrs Hugh Dalrymple were warmly thanked by Marion Murdoch on behalf of the ice rink, for kindly providing and presenting the prizes and trophy.
Standing: Barry McWilliam, Hugh Dalrymple, Marjorie Dalrymple, Norman Imrie and Marion Murdoch.
Seated: Mary Bell and Keith Thorn

Symington Cup

Lockerbie and Dumfries come together in curling celebration.
A new competition designed to bring lady curlers from Lockerbie and Dumfries together in a spirit of fellowship and friendship reached its climax at Dumfries on Friday 11th March. 8 teams, each with 2 Lockerbie players and 2 for Dumfries, competed over a series of 4 end games for the Symington Cup. This cup was donated as a legacy from the Symington Club, now sadly wound up, that had curled for many years out of Lockerbie. It was fitting that two of the lady curlers, one from Dumfries and one from Lockerbie had previously been members of Symington. The competition that had been established to strengthen the links between the two centres was a great success. The format allowed players who had previously only met as opponents to play together in integrated teams and new friendships were forged. There was some excellent curling, both at Lockerbie in October and again on Friday 11th March. The winning rink was skipped by Fiona Hardie from Dumfries, with Margot Woods Lockerbie, Maureen Woods (D) and Anne Vevers (L). Runners up were Valerie Davidson (L), Marion Mather (D), Margaret Reavley (L), and May Bryden (D). Thomas Tosh from Thornhill generously sponsored the competition and provided prizes that were very well received.


Andrew McClune Memorial Trophy

Secondary Schools Bonspiel for the Andrew McClune Memorial Trophy

The thirteenth annual Secondary schools bonspiel was held at Lockerbie Ice Rink on Monday 14th March 2016. Ten teams made up from six schools took part. The bonspiel was a great success and the Andrew McClune Memorial Trophy was presented to the winning team by Christopher McClune, Andrew’s youngest brother. This year there was a new trophy presented – a stunning engraved curling stone. The prizes for first and second were presented by the sponsors – Pauline Hyslop on behalf of the Rostrum Sports and Jill Callander on behalf of Magnox Ltd. The evening was concluded with a light supper provided by the Ice Rink Café caterers.
This year’s winning rink was Lockerbie Academy 1 skipped by Ryan McCormack with team members Angus Naysmith, Robbie McCormack and Jake Beattie. One shot behind were Stranraer Academy 2 followed by Dumfries High 1. Other schools participating were Wallace Hall Academy, Dumfries Academy and Maxwellton High.
Thanks go to the sponsors, the McClune family, the teachers and teams and the ice rink who supplied admin support, Curling School coaches and catering and refreshments.

Back Row: Christopher McClune, Jake Beattie, Angus Naysmith, Robbie McCormack and Gordon Ferrie (Lockerbie Ice Rink)
Front Row: Pauline Hyslop (Rostrum Sports), Ryan McCormack, Jill Callander (Magnox Ltd)



Tuddenham Trophy

WINNERS…………..the final of the Senior/Junior Tuddenham Trophy competition was held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Tuesday evening. The winning rink, skipped by Ryan McCormack with John Smith, Emily Muir and Brian Aspland defeated Christine Ross’s rink of Robbie McCormack, Michael Smith and Reuben Beattie.
Fye Milligan thanked Mr & Mrs Derek Clark from Merlin Office Equipment for generously sponsoring the competition and also Mr & Mrs A Tuddenham for presenting the trophy.
Standing L to R: Derek Clark, Brian Aspland, John Smith, Emily Muir, Helen Clark and Fye Milligan
Seated: Ryan McCormack, Barbara Tuddenham and Allan Tuddenham.


Armstrong Watson

WINNING RINK………….John Smith’s rink of Hannah Beattie, Simon Clingan and Michael Shaw claimed victory in the Armstrong Watson Weekend Bonspiel, generously sponsored by Armstrong Watson. They defeated Matthew Reive’s rink of Dave Beattie, Les Goodwin and Colin Wilkinson in the final. Dougie Nairn’s rink came third and John Taylor’s rink was in fourth place. Linda Imrie thanked Armstrong Watson for their continued support before presenting the trophy and prizes.
L to R: Simon Clingan, John Smith, Michael Shaw, Hannah Beattie and Linda Imrie


Mixed Pairs

MIXED PAIRS………….The final of the Mixed Pairs competition, kindly sponsored by Danny Key Joinery, was held last Wednesday evening with the winning pair of Jim and Sheena Black beating Graeme Black and Claire Sloan in a closely contested final.
Margaret Taylor thanked Danny Key for presenting the prizes and also Marjorie Smith for presenting the Smith Trophy.
L to R: Danny Key, Sheena Black, Jim Black, Marjorie Smith, Claire Sloan and Graeme Black



TROPHY TIME……..Lockerbie Ice Rink was the venue for Corrie Curling Club’s annual awards evening.
A number of awards were given out to members for their curling achievements over the season.
The Rink Medal went to Russell Smith’s team of Ryan McCormack, Gordon Dinwoodie and Gregor Adamson.
Junior skip Abbie Carruthers was presented with the Cassles Little Junior Skip cup along with team members Jacqui Byers, Molly Carruthers and Angus Naysmith.
The Points winner was Ryan McCormack and the Pairs winners were Sandy Stevenson and Hannah Beattie.
The Effie Little Sportsmanship Cup was presented to David Bell
Standing L to R: Dave Bell, Ryan McCormack, Russell Smith, Gordon Dinwoodie, Gregor Adamson and Sandy Stevenson.
Seated L to R: Angus Naysmith, Molly Carruthers, Abbie Carruthers, Jacqui Byers and Hannah Beattie




TOP TEAM……….the Queensberry Trophy competition, generously sponsored by Cumberland Building Society was held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Thursday evening. The winners were the Dumfries rink of Ron McGrouther, Gillian Graham, Ian Wallace and Margaret Laurie who beat the Gretna rink of John Taylor, Pat Faulder, Robert Fleming and Violet Smith. Richard Smith thanked the Cumberland Building Society for sponsoring the competition before presenting the trophy and prizes.
L to R Ian Wallace, Gillian Graham, Ron McGrouther, Richard Smith and Margaret Laurieimage


Inter County

Inter County
Lockerbie Ice Rink was the venue for the Inter Province match for the Craigielands Cup between Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Provinces on Friday afternoon.
Dumfriesshire were the winning Province and Bob Carruthers, on behalf of sponsors, Murray Farmcare Ltd presented the prizes and Craigielands Cup to John Graham’s Dumfries rink of Ian Wallace, Stuart Armstrong and Jim McCormack being highest up of the Dumfriesshire rinks.
Christine Ross, Dumfriesshire Province Secretary thanked the sponsors, players and ice staff for a very successful day before presenting the prizes to New Abbey Club being the highest up in the losing Province.
L to R Stuart Armstrong, Ian Wallace, Bob Carruthers, John Graham, Christine Ross and Jim McCormack.


Mixed Seniors Winners

MIXED SENIORS……………the final of the Mixed Seniors was played last Thursday evening at Lockerbie Ice Rink. Jim Black’s rink of Eileen Broatch, Robert Fleming and Colin Wilkinson were the winners of the Bobby Rae Memorial Trophy, beating John Taylor’s rink of Anne Gordon, Godfrey Bedford and Tina Johnson in the closely contested final. Richard Smith thanked the sponsors, Tennents Wholesale, Dumfries for their generous sponsorship before congratulating both teams on a very exciting and enjoyable final.
L to R: Robert Fleming, Eileen Broatch, Richard Smith, Jim Black and Colin Wilkinson.


Club Championship

WINNERS………..the S.S.I.R. Club Championship competition, kindly sponsored by F M Associates, Dumfries was held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Wednesday evening. David Porteous’s rink of Eileen Broatch, Gordon Herbert and Alayne Smith beat Dave Stewart’s rink of Marilyn Muir, Christine Ross and Norman Imrie in the final. Richard Smith thanked F M Associates for generously sponsoring the competition before presenting the trophy and prizes to the winners.
L to R: Eileen Broatch, David Porteous, Richard Smith, Gordon Herbert and Alayne Smith


Express Tyeres

EXPRESS WINNERS………….Dave Stewart’s rink of John Smith, Tina Johnson and Linda Carlyle were the winners of the Express Tyre Service trophy competition held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Thursday evening securing the win with his last stone against Janet Pollock’s rink of Norman Imrie, Helen Hally and Keith Thorn.
Irving Davidson thanked the sponsors Express Tyre Service for their generous sponsorship and Kumho Tyres for kindly providing the prizes. Jill Hamilton presented the Express Tyre trophy and Brian Donaldson from Kumho Tyres presented the prizes.
L to R: Tina Johnson, Jill Hamilton, Dave Stewart, Brian Donaldson, John Smith and Linda Carlyle.image

Senior League

SENIOR SUCCESS……………the final of the Senior League competition was played at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Wednesday evening. The winning rink, skipped by David Carlyle and his team of Robert Fleming, Tina Johnson and Linda Carlyle defeated Jim Hogg’s rink of Anne Gordon, Eileen Coates and Les Goodwin.
This year the prizes, specially commissioned by Mr Willie Muir and family, were from Lorrie Kyle Stained Glass. The prizes and the Alison Muir Trophy were presented by Sheona Muir.
Standing: Tina Johnson, Robert Fleming, Linda Carlyle
Seated: Sheona Muir and David Carlyle


Ladies League 

LEAGUE WINNERS…………..the final of the Ladies League was played last Thursday afternoon at Lockerbie Ice Rink with victory going to the Ruthwell rink of Jane Hogg (skip), Eileen Broatch, Margaret Rodger and Susan Drummond
Runners up were the Dryfesdale rink of Marion Murdoch (skip), Anne Gordon, Tina Johnson and Penny Bourner. Helen Hally presented the trophy to the winners and thanked both teams for a very enjoyable final.
Back L – R Tina Johnson, Marion Murdoch and Anne Gordon
Front L – R Margaret Rodger, Jane Hogg, Eileen Broatch and Susan Drummond


Mansfield Trophy

WATERBECK TRIUMPH…………….The Mansfield Trophy curling competition was held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Thursday evening and was won by Waterbeck Curling Club who narrowly defeated Ruthwell Curling Club in the final. Marjorie Neill, on behalf of the Dumfriesshire Province thanked Mr & Mrs J Ross, Surrone Guest House, for kindly sponsoring the competition before inviting Christine Ross to present the trophy and prizes.
Standing L – R: Stuart Grieve, Graham Anderson, Cameron Lowther, James Bell, David Owen and Pete Bloxham
Seated L – R: Gareth Owen, Christine Ross, Thomas Coates


Walter Carlyle Ladies Open

Lockerbie Ice Rink attracted many lady curlers over three days last week participating in the Walter Carlyle Ladies Open competition. After some tense semi final games on Thursday morning, Janet McMillan with her Stranraer team and Liz Paul with her Braehead team emerged as winners to play in the final of the High Road with Liz’s team eventually securing the trophy.
Moira Hasting’s team of Anne Smith, Fiona Robson and Linda Smith were in fine form and emerged the winners of the Low Road trophy over Ann Johnstone’s rink of Annette Henderson, Anne Vevers and Margaret Reavley.
Sincere thanks to Mr & Mrs D Henderson, sponsors of the High Road competition and to Mr John McPhail of McPhail Collection for sponsoring the Low Road competition.
The High Road trophy was presented by Helen Hally and the Low Road prizes were presented by Anne Muir on behalf of John McPhail of McPhail Collection.
Photographs show both the High Road & Low Road winning teams.

image image

Brieryhill Trophy 



TROPHY WINNERS…………..Jamie Strawhorn’s rink of Andrew Purdie, Claire Sloan and Lila Stewart were the winners of the Brieryhill Trophy, kindly sponsored by Brogan Fuels.
The runners up were Andrew Jardine’s rink of Russell Smith, Samantha Howatson and Hannah Beattie.
Susan Bryden, on behalf of Applegarth and Sibbaldbie Curling Club thanked Brogan Fuels for their continued sponsorship and Hazel Hamilton presented the trophy.
Left to right: Andrew Purdie, Hazel Hamilton, Jamie Strawhorn, Lila Stewart and Claire Sloan.

Scottish Pairs


TOP PAIRS……….the Scottish Pairs competition, sponsored by C & D Auction Marts Ltd was held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Tuesday evening. The winning pair were Scott Hamilton and Robert Hamilton who now go forward to the Scottish Curling Pairs Championship final at Stranraer from 18th – 20th March. Runners up were John Jardine and Sandy Stevenson
Jamie Strawhorn thanked C & D Auction Marts for their continued support before inviting Amanda Atkinson to present the prizes.
Left to right: Sandy Stevenson, John Jardine, Amanda Atkinson, Scott Hamilton and Robert Hamilton

Wullie Smith Trophy 


SMITH TROPHY WINNERS…………..The final of the Wullie Smith Trophy, sponsored by local agricultural contractors Graham Rae, Kenny Spence and Drew Watson took place last Thursday evening at Lockerbie Ice Rink.

David Robson’s rink of Craig Strawhorn, Bryce Sloan and Andrew Sloan were the winners over Rae Graham’s rink of Jim Goldie, Anne Smith and Ann Johnstone.

Margaret Taylor thanked the sponsors for their continued support and Sandy Smith, on behalf of the Smith family for presenting the trophy.

Standing L to R: Kenny Spence, Craig Strawhorn, Andrew Sloan, Bryce Sloan and Graham Rae

Seated L to R: Drew Watson, David Robson and Sandy Smith.

Tradesmans Day


TRADESMEN’S FESTIVE CURLING …………….This new afternoon competition organised by Dave Hamilton was a great introduction for many wishing to enjoy the camaraderie and fun of curling.

All who took part thoroughly enjoyed the experience on and off the ice.

Back L to R: Dave Beattie and Andrew Carruthers

Front L to R: Dave Stewart, Dave Hamilton and Scott Lockhart

Family Bonspiel 


FAMILY FUN……….the Family Bonspiel took place last week at Lockerbie Ice Rink and after a fun filled afternoon of curling, Jamie Strawhorn’s winning rink of Jack Strawhorn, Ritchie Strawhorn and Andrew Sloan who beat Euan Byers’s rink of Jacqui Byers, Ben Crosbie and Jan Crosbie.

Grateful thanks to Alayne Smith for sponsoring the competition and presenting the prizes. copy

Back L to R: Jacqui Byers, Ben Crosbie, Andrew Sloan, Ritchie Strawhorn, Euan Byers and Jan Crosbie

Front L to R: Jamie Strawhorn, Alayne Smith, Conner Byers and Jack Strawhorn.

Directors Pairs


PERFECT PAIRS……….The final of the Directors Pairs competition was held recently last Thursday evening at Lockerbie Ice Rink. The winners were Jamie Strawhorn and his son Jack Strawhorn who beat Craig Davidson and Richard Smith. Linda Imrie (director) thanked Carson & Trotter for their continued sponsorship before inviting Ritchie Strawhorn to present the trophy and prizes to the winners.

Standing L to R: Jack Strawhorn, Craig Davidson, Richard Smith

Seated L to R: Linda Imrie, Jamie Strawhorn, Ritchie Strawhorn

Fun over 60’s Bonspiel 


Fun Bonspiel ……………..The winners of the Over 60s Fun Bonspiel held at Lockerbie Ice Rink last week were Dougie Nairn’s rink of Norman Imrie, David Henderson and Les Goodwin. Following an excellent buffet and great camaraderie the afternoon was brought to a close with the presentation of prizes by Mary Neilson.

Standing L to R: Norman Imrie, David Henderson and Les Goodwin

Seated: Dougie Nairn and Mary Neilson

Senior Gents


SENIOR GENTS: The final of the Senior Gents for the Sandy Smith Trophy was held last Wednesday evening at Lockerbie Ice Rink. This popular competition, sponsored by Norman Furnishings Ltd, was won by Rae Graham’s rink of Ritchie Strawhorn, Kenneth Irving and Norman Imrie who beat David Carlyle’s rink of Roy Broatch, Pete McGarrie and Neill Smith.

Charlie Stewart thanked Norman Furnishings for once again generously sponsoring this competition, before inviting Anne Smith to present the Sandy Smith Trophy and prizes on behalf of the sponsors.

Left to right: Ritchie Strawhorn, Kenneth Irving, Anne Smith, Rae Graham and Norman Imrie

Senior Ladies 


SENIOR LADIES……..The Senior Ladies final for the Alex Robertson Trophy was held last Wednesday at Lockerbie Ice Rink.

The winning ladies were Marion Murdoch’s rink of Marilyn Muir, Eileen Broatch and Margaret Rogers and the runners up were Christine Ross’s rink of Margot Woods, Anne Vevers and Isabel Baxter.

Alayne Smith thanked the sponsors of the competition Graham Mundell Joinery, Lochmaben for generously sponsoring the competition

Standing L to R: Margaret Roger, Marilyn Muir, Alayne Smith and Eileen Broatch.

Seated: Graham Mundell and Marion Murdoch

Lady Presidents Day 


Triumph for Mothers & Daughters
The annual President’s Day competition sponsored by the Annandale Herald took place last Thursday at Lockerbie Ice Rink when 48 lady curlers took to the ice. This year there were two teams that featured a mother and daughter combination and both of these teams went on to win their sections. Christine Ross led a local team with her mother Isabel Baxter along with Anne Vevers and Margot Woods. From further afield Gail Munro led a Stranraer team with her mother Janet McMillan, Celia Coyle and Babs McIntyre. It was a day of fine curling, great fellowship and excellent home baking. Grateful thanks to everyone who contributed in making it such a successful day.

McColl Wells Trophy


WINNING TEAM…….the final of the McColl Wells Trophy curling competition played at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Thursday evening. Sponsored by Building Craftsmen (Dumfries) Ltd, this closely fought final saw both teams level after 6 ends and right through the final end, but it was a well played last stone from David Stewart which sealed the match, winning the trophy for his rink of Susan Fleming, Michael Shaw and Marilyn Muir. The worthy runners up were Christine Ross’s rink of Malcolm Bourner, Mary Irving and Les Goodwin. Margaret Taylor thanked the sponsors for their continuing support before bringing the evening to a close with the presentation of the trophy and prizes.
Left to right: Marilyn Muir, Michael Shaw, David Stewart, Margaret Taylor and Susan Fleming


Ladies Pairs


FIRST LADIES…………Jacqui Byers (Skip) and Jan Crosbie won the Ladies Pairs tournament at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Wednesday evening beating Claire Sloan (Skip) and Janet Pollock in a very exciting match with both teams all square after 6 ends, resulting in an extra end and a late finish. Alayne Smith thanked the sponsors G & T Moffat & Co Ltd, Kirkpatrick Fleming for their continued sponsorship before presenting the trophy to the winners.
Standing: Janet Pollock, Alayne Smith and Claire Sloan
Seated: Jacquie Byers and Jan Crosbie

Dr Walker


Ladies’ Winning Rink……………After three days of fierce curling the Dr Walker competition came to a head last Thursday evening with a tense final at Lockerbie Ice Rink. Margaret Taylor skipped her rink of Helen Hally, Annette Henderson and Marjorie Smith to take an early lead, but Christine Ross’s rink of Eileen Broatch, Tina Johnson and Anne Key fought back and went into the last end with a three point lead. Margaret Taylor steered her rink into a challenging position but it was Christine’s rink that emerged the worthy winners to take the trophy. Mrs Marilyn Muir presented the trophy on behalf of the sponsors, T Graham & Son (Builders) Ltd, Langholm.

L to R Helen Hally, Tina Johnson, Christine Ross, Marilyn Muir, Anne Key and Eileen Broatch.

Durisdeer Trophy


Lochmaben Rink Win………The winners of the Durisdeer Trophy at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Thursday evening were James Taylor’s team of Anne Smith, Clem Maggiori and Margaret Wilson who beat Thomas Coates’s team of James Bell, Charlie Stewart and Pete Bloxham in the final of the Durisdeer kindly sponsored by Buccleugh Estates and Sanquhar Tile Services. Norman Imrie thanked the sponsor’s for their continued support before inviting Linda Imrie to present the trophy and prizes.

Standing: Anne Smith, Clem Maggiori and Margaret Wilson

Seated: James Taylor and Linda Imrie

WA Corrie Trophy


Winning Rink……………Duncan Gracie’s rink of Margaret Taylor, Alayne Smith and David McMiken were the winners of the W A Corrie Trophy competition at Lockerbie Ice Rink last Wednesday evening.

In the final they held off the challenge of Jamie Strawhorn’s rink of James Taylor, Kenny Henry and Daniel Cowan.

Helen Hally thanked Mrs Maureen Corrie for generously sponsoring the competition before inviting William Muir to present the trophy and prizes to the winning team.

Left to right: David McMiken, Duncan Gracie, William Muir, Alayne Smith and Margaret Taylor

Henderson Bishop

Henderson Bishop Playdowns Photo

PLAYDOWN WINNERS……..Agreat week of curling in the Lockerbie playdowns for the Henderson Bishop competition culminated in a thrilling final at Lockerbie Ice Rink on Thursday evening .Eight times winning skip, Moira Hastings and her rink of Anne Smith, Fiona Robson and Linda Smith came from behind to snatch a 7-6 win against the newcomers rink of Margaret Taylor [skip], Sue Rogers, Helen Halley and Janie Riddet.

The Scottish finals of the Henderson Bishop will be held at Lockerbie Ice Rink from 29th February to the 3rd March and both teams will be representing Lockerbie at the prestigious event.The playdowns where kindly sponsored by Glen Wright of Dryfesdale Hotel, Lockerbie who attended the final on Thursday night to present the prizes.

Standing: Fiona Robson, Glen Wright, Moira Hastings, Anne Smith, and Linda Smith.

Seated: Sue Rogers, Margaret Taylor, Helen Halley and Janie Riddet.

Waterlow Trophyimage

Waterlow Photo 2015


TOP TEAM………….Corrie curlers were the overall winners of the Waterlow Spiel generously sponsored by James Jones & Sons, Stevens Croft, Lockerbie.
Corrie’s Dave Stewart skipped his rink of Angus Naysmith, Kenny Spence and Dave Beattie to victory over the Waterbeck rink of Gareth Owen (skip), Graham Anderson, Pete Bloxham and Cameron Lowther while Corrie’s Sandy Stevenson skipped his winning rink of Graeme Black, Matty Reive and Robbie McCormack to victory over the Waterbeck rink of Tom Coates (skip), Stuart Grieve, James Bell and Anne Vevers.
Christine Ross, Secretary of the Dumfriesshire Province thanked the sponsors for their continuing support before presenting the Waterlow Cup and prizes to the Corrie winning teams.
Standing: Dave Beattie, Matty Reive, Angus Naysmith, Robbie McCormack, Graeme Black and Kenny Spence
Seated: Sandy Stevenson, Christine Ross and Dave Stewart


McCutcheon Tropy

The final of McCutcheon Trophy Sponsored by Armstrong Watson took place at Lockerbie Ice Rink on Thursday night with a exciting match between Godfrey Bedford’s team of Marjorie Smith,Tom Ross and Marilyn Muir against Jim Hogg’s team Isobel Baxter,Keith Thorn & Kenneth Irving with Jim’s team coming out on top.

L to R Keith Thorn,  Isobel Baxter, Tom Riddet, Kenneth Irving, front Victoria Riddet and Jim Hogg


Scottish Province Qualifier

The Final of the Scottish Province Qualifer took place at Lockerbie Ice rink on Tuesday 20th October. It was a very close game between Lochmaben Castle Curling Club and Corrie Curling Club with Lochmaben winning and will go on to the Finals at Greenacres later in the year. L to R James Taylor, Richard Smith,Billy Nairn,Tom Smith & Bill Wilson.



Opening Bonspiel

Lockerbie curling season got off to a great start on Tuesday 29th  September with the Opening Bonspiel sponsored by Moffat Shoe SHOP .Forty women curlers from across Dumfries & Galloway took to the ice and amongst the fun and fellowship there was some impressive play. After strong competition Christine Ross’s rink of Liz Ewart, Marjorie Smith And Margot Woods were the winners. Prizes were presented by Kate Miller on behalf of the sponsors L to R Margot Woods , Liz Ewart, Christine Ross, Kate Miller and Marjorie Smith

Opening bonspiel